Shadow of the Colossus as a Story Starter

As a teacher and an avid gamer I like to have my children be excited and in awe of what I teach. There are many tools out there but video games are a great way to immerse children. So in this spirit I used one of my favourite games, Shadow of the Colossus, which has an exciting and intriguing introduction as a story writing stimulus I planned a sequence of lessons with the intention of getting the children to develop their vocabulary, specifically their use of adjectives. The lessons took place over the course of a week and a half. To get us into the right frame of mind we listened to the ambient soundtrack, watched my play-through of the first few minutes of the game (using careful editing I avoided any inappropriate material) and wrote the story in draft and then types and illustrated it. I converted the finished file into a pdf. and will be placing them onto our school website so that parents could put it on their Kindle, ipads, iphones etc. Here are samples of some of the work we have produced.