BAE Fighter Pilot Helmet Competition... And We're In The Final!

Edit: We won the competition!

British Aerospace organised a nationwide competition inviting children to take part in their Design and Technology challenge to create a fighter pilot helmet of the future. The project would require teams, up to a maximum of 4, to produce a fighter pilot helmet of the future which could handle the practicalities of day-to-day use as well as consider technological advancements that might provide the wearer with an edge over their competitors.

The deadline for the project was 27th October but our school broke up the week before for half-term so we had a tight deadline of just 3 weeks to get everything done. Over the course of the weeks we used the lunchtimes to research, plan and create our helmets. We had 3 teams and they were in competition with each other as only the finest presentation and ideas would be chosen to take part in the final where other schools across the country would take part in a live final.

Luckily one of our teams was chosen and so on the 30th November they will represent our school and present their work to a panel of judges where they will be asked questions and their work will be scrutinised.

Fingers crossed we win!