Comic Writing

Comics and cartoons have been around for a long time and no-matter what the reading ability everyone enjoys them. Cartoons and comics are approachable because they combine both words and images. Children can draw, play and use their incredible imaginations to brings  fantasy worlds and characters alive.

I have been into comics since I first read my friends Iron Man when I was 8, now comics are everywhere and have emerged from the cult into the mainstream with films such as The Avengers and Spiderman.

In my class I have used various comics, online comic creators and Comic Life to enthuse the children to make their own comics. We then published them on the school blog so children could download them and read their comics on their smart phones, tablets and computers. Here are the results!

Goosebumps are very popular books, the comic creator is suitably moody.

Raina Telgemeier has written a wonderful series of comics which are aimed at girls. I love them too though!

Some of my pupils work.