New School Year Mangatars

As a start to the new school year I like my pupils to leave a mark so that the classroom feels like theirs, I encourage ownership. One way of doing this is by creating a Mangatar (a Manga Avatar). For the uninitiated manga is Japanese comics and animation, some of your pupils might talk about Naruto, One Piece or Bleach- these are all manga. Manga is a distinctive art style which usually is characterised by big eyes, crazy hair and tiny mouths and noses.

I use to create a mangatar and get my pupils to write their targets for the half term underneath. I usually have the mangatar laminated with a white space underneath so the pupils can write their targets, one we have discussed what they could be. It means as well as responding to feedback in books the pupils are also looking to fulfill their individual target too.

This is my mangatar, looks a lot like me I think!

I usually print screen the mangatar from the website, paste it onto Word and enlarge it so that it fits an A4 page. Have some fun with your class and see what they com up with. Oh, a word of advice... don't let your pupils use masks, gadgets or tattoos as they feature smoking and the 'finger.' Otherwise have fun!

LINK- TES Mangatar lesson plan