Reflections on Twin Peaks: The Return

It's been a year since Twin Peak: The Return was on television and I have been reflecting on the series recently as we come up to its first anniversary. Last year the series lit up the screens and the fandom was reinvigorated and excited to see the saga unfold with Agent Dale Cooper lost in the Black Lodge and Bob possessing the body of Cooper and repeating "How's Annie?"
There was a high level of expectation and hype surrounding the series after the 25 year wait. However the new series defied expectation and forged its own path, free from most of the shackles of its past and as a result, was the finest mixture of art and television I have ever seen.

Twin Peaks: The Return was a sublime limited series. Each episode was like a mini movie with gorgeously framed shots and haunting imagery that stayed with you long after the episode had ended. The story meanwhile moved at a deliberate, some would say glacial pace, especially for those who didn't like the Dougie Jones portions of the story, yet the story was multilayered and open to interpretation. Even now I am still working through theories and ideas in my head and, through Facebook groups, building and developing my understanding of the world Lynch and Frost created.

Episode 8 of the series was the high watermark in my opinion and one of the finest hours of television I've ever experienced.

A year on the series still haunts my dreams and I hope that this mercurial series is remembered for the masterpiece it truly is. In the meantime I'll try to get to sleep without the echoes of Carrie Page's scream reverberating in my ear.

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