Economy Of Design

The current generation of computing is extremely powerful and many of the triple A releases are geared towards realism. Now as a gamer I love the bloom and particle effects, 1080p and next generation graphics but sometimes all I crave is an art style that looks beyond mere graphic fidelity. Whilst a lot of games shoot for realism there are some games that instead tread a different path, one to do with economy of design. A distinctive art style may seem primitive when compared to the modern realism but as years go by and technology improves the games with the distinct art style are usually the ones that stand the test of time. Just think about the realism of some of the games from 2002 compared to Windwaker, which one looks the more impressive now? A good art direction and style can make some games timeless. Here are some of my favourite games with a distinct art style which I think stand the test of time, what do you think?

Beyond Good And Evil

Tempest 2000


Child of Light


Monument Valley

Rayman Legends


The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker