Harajuku Fashion

I've always had an affinity for Japanese fashion, I like the fact that high end haute-couture is mixed with quirky unique pieces. This hodgepodge approach creates a kleptomaniac look.

I've already written an article on my love of anime and manga and my dark weeabo past but I remember finding Fruits and Fresh Fruits, a Japanese fashion book, in Forbidden Planet and loving the unique and individual tastes of the people within the books. Both books are full of color photos taken by Shoichi Aoki in Japan’s Harajuku district which is known for its quirky street fashion.

As someone trying to find my own identity I could relate with the young people in the magazine, youth who wanted to present themselves in a society which can be oppressive and overbearing. In fact the magazine and this counterculture movement gave me courage to express myself more and not be afraid to be me.
When I travelled to Japan a couple of years ago my wife and I went to Harajuku and fell in love with the shops and individual boutique shops; it's refreshing to find an area where chain stores are not omnipresent. So for people in the know Harajuku fashion is amazing but for those who don't know about it, check out the inspirational video below which will give you insights into this counterculture phenomenon!