Detention- Video Games As Art

Detention is a 2D survival horror adventure video game created and developed developer Red Candle Games. It is an atmospheric game and the setting of 1960’s Taiwan under Chinese martial law is an interesting one, especially when considering that it takes place during a storm after school when everyone else has gone home. There is a deep sense of unease that permeates the experience yet it is much better than most cheap jump scare fare… this slowly unravels in front of you and the psychological horror that emerges is more satisfying for it. At certain points it reminds me of Silent Hill 2 and Eternal Darkness, as you begin to understand more of the psychological state of the protagonist.

Detention is on sale on the Nintendo Switch and well worth the 4 quid or so for the 3 hour play time needed to complete the experience. I’m off now to research the Chinese occupation of Taiwan in the 1960s as this game has me proper intrigued about this time period.