Thomas Was Alone Deluxe Action Figures

Thomas Was Alone is a multi-award winning Indie game that has a big fanbase due to it's quirky characterisation of quadtrilaterals with the narrative read by Danny Wallace which tells a story rich with humor and emotion . The narrative is filled with basic but enduring lessons about friendship and human relationships. I played the game late last year when it came out on iOS and fell in love with it, even creating a title page inspired by the art style of the game. Well now Mike Bithell, the creator, and Kerry Dyer have created 'Action Figures'. Now you may ask 'Why are you buying a load of old blocks?' Well the truth is that I don't know but I can't not have them, it's like a need... the characters struck a chord with me, what with their quirks, flaws and general human frailties and foibles. How could I be without them in my mancave? The fact that they are signed by Mike Bithell is a definite plus too!

Each package contains four figures; Thomas, Claire, Chris and John.. for scale, Claire is 3.2cm tall.

They're signed by Kerry Dyer (the sculptor) and Mike Bithell (the bloke who made Thomas Was Alone).

The website even has a fun narrative to draw you in.

Thomas looked around his newly three dimensional surroundings. Had the world decided to, through waning success, swiftly build some kind of higher resolution re-release? Was this, he shuddered, fan art? He felt heavy, plastic. He was suddenly aware of the concepts of being both heavy, and plastic. It was with crushing dread, that Thomas realised he had become merchandise.

The website is linked below, I'm waiting eagerly for my figures to arrive and will share pics of them when I can!

LINK- Kerry Dyer Website