The Apple Watch, Wearable Watches and Tech

The Apple watch has been announced and obviously there is much furore surrounding this product from the church of Apple, pre-orders of the product have sold out across the world already! Well, this got me thinking about wearable tech, is the Apple watch worth it? Well time will tell and the marketing campaign has been suitably slick...  however a couple of years ago Samsung created a Galaxy Gear watch and produced a brilliant advert to promote it using famous tech watches including Dick Tracy, Inspector Gadget and Michael Knight from Knightrider. An impressive cast list indeed

What I'm more interested in is the hackable Apple II watch which Instructable member Aleator777 has created. It looks like a marvelous piece of hackable tech and even got the seal of approval from the Great and Powerful Woz himself (Apple II creator Steve Wozniak). Wearable tech may be the next big thing but in the meantime, let's enjoy the wacky inventors and innovators doing their own thing!