Scott McCloud Signing In Orbital Comics, London

I'm very excited to report that comic artist and commentator Scott McCloud will be doing a talk and signing in London at Orbital Comics on Saturday 7th March 2015. McCloud is most recognised for his books on comic critiques such as Understanding Comics as well as creating his own comic works, the most notable being  ZOT! He is  meastro at exploring the comic universe, and analysing it in great detail with meaning and possibilities.

I have already spoken about how his idea of projection makes sense and leads to greater empathy for characters here . I was re-reading Zot! and the humanity in his stories really affected me, particularly the story Normal. At a time where homosexuality was not allowed in mainstream comics due to the comics code censorship, he added the mature theme in a comic book as one of the cast confronts the idea that she may be lesbian. McCloud was way ahead of the curve in the late 80s and early 90s when this particular comic issue came out.

I look forward to meeting him and asking him about his works, the event is free so why not come along? For those still not sure be sure to check out his amazing TED talk below. It might just convince you to come along!