He-Man Remastered Track was used in Mysterious Cities of Gold

If you've ever watched an old TV series from the 80's you've probably noticed that some of the sound FX and music is the same.  That's because a lot of the animation and dubbing was done by the same studios or using Movieola editors, not on digital audio workstation like many sound effects today. The studios used key stock effects as that's what they had.

Anyways, my favourite TV show of all time The Mysterious Cities of Gold not only shared sound effects with He-Man: Masters of the Universe but also music! Originally titled Subterranean Secret or The Burning Shield, the MCOG track was used occasionally in dramatic and atmospheric scenes in He-Man. Here, for the first time is a completely clean version of the music created by Dusan M, using the original cues from the score by Shuki Levy. No more horrible audio cues distorting the majesty of this wondrous track. Enjoy!