Little Nightmares Being Turned into a Film

At the moment I am currently playing a wonderful game called Little Nightmares, a dark and whimsical puzzle-platformer in which you play a young girl called Six trying to escape a terror-filed ship called The Maw. Along the way you meet some nightmarish creatures including the Janitor, the Twin Chefs and the Lady.

I am only about 2 hours into the game yet it has stuck its creepy icy claws into my heart. The imagery and soundtrack are haunting and stay in the memory. So when I heard that Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of great films like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the phenomenal paintball episode of Community, were going to create a TV series I was super excited.

Then it was announced that Henry Selick, director of A Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline, was going to be a producer and my hopes were high that it would be a stop-motion series. Nothing has been confirmed yet as to what format the TV series will be but my hopes are high for a creepy Jan Svankmajer style animation.