Life Is Strange Recalls Twin Peaks

Life Is Strange feels like a teen drama video game envisioning of Twin Peaks. The game is set in the Pacific Northwest and has the mystery of a missing-but-probably-murdered popular girl at the center of it all, Rachel Amber.
Rachel Amber is the prequel games (Life Is Strange: Before the Storm) Laura Palmer, but without the dark drug addled abuse victim background. Rather she has a family revelation that rocks her quite privileged world to the core. The game adds depth to her, just as Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me movie did for Laura Palmer.
Rachel Amber is no longer just the missing and misunderstood girl with a complex family history but a well-portrayed character with agency... she is, for her best friend and protagonist in the games, the girl who lived down the lane.
Fans of Twin Peaks should definitely check out both Life Is Strange games as they are games with heart, that examine the human condition and look at friendships forged in times of adversity. I think this is part of reason why these video games resonate so strongly with me.