Kiki's Delivery Service Show at Southwark Playhouse

Southwark Playhouse is performing an adaptation of Kiki’s Delivery Service. The play is adapted from the book by Eiko Kadono but many people will recognise the title from the amazing animated film by Studio Ghibli.

The story follows the adventures of Kiki, a 13 year old witch. Tradition dictates that at this age young witches must leave their home and make a new life for themselves in the real world. With her feline companion Jiji, Kiki sets out to find a place in the world and find her role in it.

The tale is a magical one all about growing up and being yourself in the world. I love the animation and it is one of my favourite Ghibli films, having a daughter has made me even more sentimental and so I am looking forward to seeing this show. As always I will feedback my opinions of it here!