Great Find in the Loft

Anyone who has ever watched the Goonies has undoubtedly dreamt of finding a secret map that leads to treasure. Since watching the classic film in the 80's I've dreamt of going into the loft and finding awesome cool pieces of bric a brac. Well, over the past couple of weekends I've been cleaning the loft, organising it and preparing the large amount of material goods contained within, to prepare for the arrival of our daughter. Whilst organising it I did find something intriguing... no, it wasn't the map to One Eyed Willy's treasure (How did I miss that great name!) but it was something pretty impressive.

A double box set of vinyls by Linguaphone to learn French. The sets were in beautiful sturdy cases and have stood the test of time well considering they are from the 1950's.

I have a record player but haven't played these yet.  We teach French at school and this might be quite a cool way to introduce the children to older way of learning a new language. Now I'm no hipster as I think it is probably a lot easier and convenient to learn a new language through the more modern means at our disposal but this does offer the children a great opportunity to learn about the evolution of media.