Evangelion Now Streaming on Netflix

Netflix is now streaming the Neon Genesis Evangelion series as well as three of the movies, The End of Evangelion and Death (true) 2. The Japanese vocal track remains but the English voice cast has been redubbed and the ending these song, 'Fly Me To the Moon' by either Claire Little or Yoko Takahashi has been replaced with a piano instrumental instead of an original Evangelion composition instead.
Despite all this Evangelion remains a high watermark and its influence on manga and anime cannot be overstated. A whole cottage industry popped up after it hit the big time and it had a long tail. If you haven't seen it, you really do need to as it is one of the most interesting exciting and introspective anime of all time. For fans of the show, you know the drill... Watch it, fixate on the various threads and research the key terms and concepts, contemplate the meaning of existence... then watch a YouTube video of someone explaining what was actually happening! This is huge as I remember spending hours in the library looking up the Dead Sea Scrolls, Lilith, Angels, Sephiroth Tree of Life and Robert Browning quotes. Now with YouTube, someone has done all the hard work so it won’t be such a mind-scramble! Anyways, it’s streaming online now so enjoy!