DVHS Shows New York in HD in 1993

When I look back in my youth it is usually covered with a fuzzy grain, not because I have poor eyesight, cataracts or any other illness but because the media then, the shows being broadcast on TV VHS, was always a bit fuzzy. To realise how bad it was check out any show on UK Gold or any other channel which shows old programmes and you'll get the idea quickly. This is not just confined to the ages but actually well into the 90s... I suppose as we didn't know better we never realised how grainy and furry and footage was but now in a time of HD and 1080p it is all too clear how poor the images were.
Recently released has been a DVHS, a format which is kind of like HD VHS. I didn't know this technology existed as it was never really out there in the mainstream. Also a few years later DVD would take over as the format of choice for films but the images on the DVHS are fantastic if the footage below is anything to go by.
New York in 1993 looks amazing and the clarity for the time is mind blowing. I can see why DVD was the successful format of choice but for a VHS tape DVHS is an interesting footnote on past media formats.