RGB- Retro Games Base

I am a bit of a games collector, not as hardcore as many of the collections you've probably seen online, but a collector nonetheless. I have kept all my games systems I've owned since my first Amstrad CPC 464, (with the exception of the Master System 2, which I swapped along with many games and my spleen for a Megadrive during the height of Sonic-mania) so I have a vast amount of systems. I keep them for a sense of nostalgia but also for a halcyon idealised future when I will have time to sit down and appreciate the games of my formative years. Emulation makes playing the old games easier but I've always had issues with controllers, games feel better with the original controllers.

Being the proud owner for the Retron5 makes playing my old games easier as I can use the original controllers but I need to build up my collection again. In my youth I didn't have much money so I'd part exchange my games for different titles. Now, with the equipment to revisit these titles I want to purchase the old games but eBay is too expensive. Enter RGB, Retro Games Base. This shop in Streatham has a prodigious assortment of retro games, consoles and paraphernalia. The shop  is well organised, bountifully stocked and reasonably priced, they also have a website with many rare and unusual items for sale. So, if you're in the mood to dig through old games or just travel back in time to a wonderful time in gaming, then RGB is for you!