At Deadpixels we are always looking at creating exciting Computing lesson plans which incorporates the new curriculum and excites students. Part of this will be the use of the Raspberry Pi. I came across FUZE, a simple and interesting idea of providing a case for Raspberry Pi which provides a tidy, safe and very secure Raspberry Pi workstation whilst retaining all the connectivity via the easily accessible back panel.

Raspberry Pi enclosed in the FUZE

In their own words;

It includes extension cables for USB, HDMI, Audio and Network ports, a UK Keyboard and pass-thru interface. For added safety the Fuze protects the encased Pi from electrical damage via the extended & protected GPIO. Also included is a UK Mains to 5V PSU and 840 socket solder-less Breadboard for electronic projects and prototyping.

I hope to be ordering the FUZE and using the free downloadable lesson plans to help develop my own ideas for the KS2 Coding part of the curriculum.

LINK- FUZE website