Chiptune Rockers Anamanaguchi Touring in UK

It is with extreme excitement that I am writing to inform you, our lovely readers, that the amazing  chiptune rockers Anamanaguchi are touring in the UK. For details of dates and cost of tickets go to their official site. I have purchased two tickets and Simon and I will be going to the gig in Heaven, London.

For those who don't know Anamanaguchi are a 4 piece band from New York who play music with hacked hardware from the 80's and 90's, namely the Gameboy and NES. This chiptune band have been around for a while but rose to prominence for producing the soundtrack for the Scott Pilgrim vs The World Game. They have slowly gained in popularity and broke into the mainstream mid-last year with a performance on the Jimmy Fallon Show (not quite the Ed Sullivan Show and the Beatles but pretty impressive I assure you).

I leave you with their favourite tune of mine and with a promise to upload pics from the gig. For those who are interested in getting tickets there were still plenty at the time of writing. Good luck!