Mysterious Cities of Gold Season 2!

Anyone who knows me knows that my favourite TV show of all time is an old animated cartoon series called the 'Mysterious Cities of Gold'. The show followed a ragtag group as they try to find Eldorado, the city of gold. Over 39 episodes the epic story-line followed our intrepid travelers in their quest.... this was back in the early 80's. Well now, after 30 years, the series has been continued, following our group as they try to find the remaining cities of gold. Season 2 has been airing and as part of the mailing list (the Gold List) I have been able to follow the adventures in French audio with English subtitles. MCOG season 2 will be dubbed into english and released next year by the same company who created the Season 1 box set. But to whet your appetite here is a trailer for the new season. 

And for those who are feeling nostalgic check out this fanmade tribute to the series: