Build Your Own Handheld Console

I want to share an amazing website which has a wide variety of projects. One of the ones that intrigues me was the one to build a handheld console, which is fully programmable in Arduino. 

According to the website at;

With the DIY Gamer Kit you will build your own handheld games console then learn how to program your own video games using Arduino and our custom software library.

The DIY Gamer kit is a great-looking, well-engineered object that would most importantly inspire people to learn. It has the classic gaming controls you would expect but has the bonus added features of a buzzer to allow you to add music to your projects and wireless infrared links to allow you to link up with other Gamers for multiplayer gaming. Yes that right you can battle your friends and enemies.

From a programming perspective we wanted to make is as accessible as possible so we created a custom software library to help people use the Gamer’s most common features and get people programming straight away. They can literally plug in, code and create from a very low entry level and slowly build up to higher levels of learning and exploration.

Sounds like a great project for those of you who like getting your hands dirty...