3D Photography

3D is all the rage at the moment with movie studios pushing the 3D agenda but back in the 1950's 3D didn't mean comfortable polarised glasses but rather simple cardboard glasses with one lens red and the other blue. The initial 3D wave of popularity was with the shlocky 50's B-movie monster movies. In my class we have been using a simple App called Easy 3D camera (Free) to take some interesting anaglyph photos. We created 3D photos of our monsters which we linked to our unit of work on Monsters and Mythic Creatures (Link below), unfortunately my mobile was damaged so to show what the app is capable of I've taken a few images of my Gundam figures. You can be more creative with your class but this is a great app and it's free!

The old skool anaglyph glasses... boy do you look cool wearing them!