Influence Maps- by Anjum Razaq

I am a huge fan of Deviantart and came across the meme called the Influence Map, where you fill in various sized squares on a gridded template with various things that influence you as a person. You can literally put anything in these squares-- photos of locations or people, artist's work, computer games, TV shows, music, movies and books. You name it, you can put it in there. Fill the grid by placing more prominent influences as larger images. These are all personal and not all the choices are obvious, but I did limit the children to just one computer game and one cartoon otherwise you don’t get a nice mix of influences.. It is a fun activity and great as an introduction to Photoshop. I used this to teach myself some of the Photoshop basic and once confident I did it as a lesson with the children. For those people who do not have Photoshop there is a freeware available that does the same job called gimp, download and enjoy!

Here are a few examples of the work I and the children did: