Web We Want Festival at Southbank Centre

The Southbank Centre is running a celebration of the internet and how it has changed our lives. The 'Web We Want' exhibition explores some of the things that threaten the web as we know it and through interactive talks, debates, workshops and seminars tries to find out what solutions there might be to solve the myriad of issues including privacy, copyright and the fight for the control of online information.

Over two days there is an extensive programme of guest speakers and experts in their fields, discussing the impact of the internet with such titles as; 'Is the Web Rewiring our Brains?', 'Open Democracy-Using the Web to Change the World' and 'Censorship and the Web.' As an ICT/ Computing educator these are important issues and I interested in attending the event, so I did. I was lucky enough to arrive to hear the 'Web Bytes' discussions about cryptography and digital legacy. The talks comprised of 4 separate discussions on the issue of privacy and how our online information is stored and used. The talks were all very informative and briskly paced, importantly there was minimal techno-babble so people with very little computer talk knowledge could also be engaged. The event is on tomorrow (Sunday 28th September 2014) and I would recommend that anyone with any interest in computing go and see this festival celebrating the wonder that is the internet!