One Eyed Kutkh- Video Games As Art

Video games are cultural artefects but often they do not always show the true breadth of the diversity in humanity. One Eyed Kutkh is a short (about 45 minutes at a leisurely pace) game about a one-eyed creature who crashes his spaceship on a strange planet. He has to find the pieces to fix it and deceive the sun and moon in order to escape the planet. The video game is based on the tales of the far North and it is brief game however, it does do things a bit differently and for that it should be applauded. The games forgoes dialogue and instead has thought bubbles and images which you have to decipher. The art style is naive but unique, reminding me of Balinese shadow puppetry.

The game is well worth a play, it’s not anything extraordinary but is a great palette cleanser for the 100 hour sandbox games or shooting people in the face all the time.