Moss- Video Games As Art

Moss is a VR action-adventure puzzle game, which takes all the classsic hallmarks of the genre and then gives it a VR twist by creating a world that seems vast and expansive but is actually little more than small dioramas.

In Polyarc’s words:

Quill is a young mouse who dreams of greatness beyond the confines of her sleepy community. When an ancient magic is awakened, she becomes linked with another - you, the player - who will take on their role in the story.

As a distant evil extends its reach, the two of you are called together to embark on an incredible journey brought to life with storybook-style narration that will draw you into a rich world of myth and magic. 

The game is short, at about 3 hours, but is a must play experience as the level of detail and creativity on show is stunning. The puzzles themselves are self-contained and pretty easy but the world draws you in. I can’t wait for the second chapter!