Lucky Penny Comic Review

Lucky Penny is the tale of young Penny Brighton, an unlucky girl who leaves disaster in her wake but has a heart of gold. The graphic novel follows Penny as she tries to figure out where to go, what to do and how to cope in the real world. The story is similar to Scott Pilgrim and mumblecore movies like Frances Ha and similar works by Greta Gerwig, where charmingly clueless, young, main characters try to deal with all that life throws at them. In this case Penny is wonderfully optimistic and chirpy whilst living in a storage unit (garage) and trying to get a job and a boyfriend.

Lucky Penny is a quick read with relatable characters, beautifully expressive art and a gentle warm humour. Yuko Ota’s art is bold and solid throughout the whole book and the storytelling gentle but interesting enough to keep you reading. The ending of the book is very boombastic and out of pace with the rest of the book but I liked it.

The book is suitable for young teens and I would recommend it!