For the Love of Libraries

'Libraries give us power' extolled the Manic Street Preachers in their anthemic Design for Life and how right they were. The combined collective history of the world, the knowledge and wisdom thereof is contained within. I've always loved libraries, their peace, the smell of old books and the atmosphere they give... wonderful. I've always loved reading and read voraciously in my youth and formative years. Most Saturday mornings were spent going to Barking Library, heading off to Cash Converters to look at all the cool (probably stolen and resold- this is Barking after all) NES and Megadrive games then it would be topped off by a visit to my local comic shop, Rodneys Books and Games... But it all started with the library.

I would spend hours in there perusing the shelves, reading away in a comfy faux leather chair listening to my Jean Michel Jarre recorded cassette of Oxygene. Ah the memories. Well Beyond the Frame has created a marvelous mash-up celebrating the most wonderful places in the world. So what do your library memories consist of?