Edith Finch Releases on Nintendo Switch Today

What Remains of Edith Finch Edith is available on the Nintendo Switch today and I am super excited to play it again. In my opinion, it is a phenomenal game and a wonderful piece of art.

The story casts you as Edith, the last member of the apparently cursed Finch family, who goes back to the family home to find out what fates befell her forebears. The game is presented like an anthology series as you explore the home and replay the final moments of each person's life.
The sense of discovery and the design of the Finch family home is amazing as it requires further exploration and light puzzle solving.

I played this game a couple of years ago and, whilst it only took me about only 3 hours to complete, I was fine with the length and appreciated its brevity. I think that's primarily due to the deep emotions I quickly attach to the family members; I was invested. The house felt lived in and the musical score is sublime, really creating a sense of tension with a mix of whimsy.

There are several stories but the two that affected me the deepest were the one in the bath tub that dealt with a child's death and the one within the a canning factory, where a young man let's his imagination run away with itself.

During these stories I felt joy, sadness, fear and hope but in other stories I felt fear, curiosity or even humour. Each 'episode' of the anthology is a treat and I'm sure that each person will have their own story preference and gamut of emotions.

Edith Finch could easily have been a book or a film but by making it a video game it gives us, the player, agency; we are Edith exploring this higgledy-piggledy house and sharing in her highs and lows. That's what the best stories do in any medium, they engage and enthrall us in equal measure. This game is truly an experience that should be enjoyed by everyone.

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