Don Hertzfeldt's Amazing Animations

Don Hertzfeldt has been producing animated short films for a long time yet the man himself is only in his 30's, an extraordinary achievement for the Oscar nominated animator famed for his rudimentary stick figures and whimsical philosophising. Hertzfeldt released World of Tomorrow a little while ago, it is a simple story of a 4 year old girl who meets her future clone. Without going into spoiler territory the story is equal parts hilarious and deeply profound. The film has garnered a lot of praise and is up for an Oscar at this years awards ceremony in the Best Animated Short Film category. Check out why there is so much buzz for this film, you owe it to yourself.

The story carries themes that were explored in Christopher Nolan's Intestellar but in a more playful and lyrical way. The animation is a step above Hertzfeldt's previous work, enhanced by his use of digital animation techniques. The short film is only 17 minutes long but is well worth the £1.49 price of admission.