Baby Sitters Club Volume 1: Kirsty's Great Idea Comic Review

I am trying to engage some of the more reluctant girl readers in my class and came across this book by Raina Telgemeier. I've been a fan of Raina for a years now, enjoying her graphic memoirs Smile and Sisters as well as her original story Drama.
I remember that my younger sister used to absolutely adore the Baby Sitters Club series when she was younger so I am pleased to see they have been re-released for a younger generation to enjoy, in a more concise comic version. I read the comic myself to check for suitability and have to say that it reads well and tackles a few different issues like divorce, diabetes and friendship but never anything too adult or risque in theme.

When I took this into class the graphic novel was read by a couple of girls and they were very excited at the prospect of comics being introduced in the classroom; it was lovely to see this level of engagement.
The boys also wanted to read this so it just goes to show, comics can appeal to all genders and ages irrespective of the theme of the comic.

This comic is suitable for all ages but the pupils in my class, aged 7 and 8, really enjoyed it.