Adventure Time: Masked Mayhem Comic Review

The world of Ooo is multi-coloured and weird, but the characters are what brings this place to life and so with this, the 6th graphic novel of Adventure Time we get a chance to travel with Jake and BMO as they party-hop during Masquerade Day, a sort of Halloween-type event. Unfortunately there's a problem, a prankster who is crashing every party and making it not cool!

Cue Detective BMO and Jake as they try to figure out who the prankster is and stop the different parties from being ruined. Kate Leth is the writer for this graphic novel and she gets the characterisation just right. BMO has never been cuter and seeing him in a deerstalker hat and an Inverness Cape just make me feel mushy inside... so cute!

Overall the Graphic Novel is great for young readers and I know that since taking it into my class a few days ago it has been widely read and liked by both boys and girls. This is a fun and colourful book and deserves a place in your book corner!