No Man's Sky- Video Games As Art

As a kid the idea of discovering new planets and flying in my own little space- ship in a galaxy that stretched out to infinity excited me when playing make-believe. Now No Man's Sky brings this to reality with its procedurally generated space exploration game. There are many different modes but if you start on Create mode you are given all the tools to hop into your craft and head to the stars. There are millions of planets to explore and all are enticing, some with vibrant foliage, interesting strange alien creatures and stunning sunsets and landscapes. When initially released a year ago the game had a few issues as the planets were, more often than not, often brown rocks with a few plants strewn around however with the new free update the planets feel more alive. With the new photo mode you can take stunning pictures at any time and I below I have taken a few to show off the artistic side of the game. I will be using the game as a stimulus for writing when we compose a fantasy/ sci-fi setting for our writing.