Black Canary: Kicking and Screaming Volume 1 Comic Review

Straight up off the couch from the soft rebooted Batgirl comes Black Canary, a comic about the world of music and the intrigue within.

After years as a crime fighter, Dinah Lance (Black Canary) never imagined herself as a singer...but now she's the lead singer in a band which consists of Lord Byron (drummer), Paloma (keyboards), and Ditto (guitar), their manager Heathcliff and Driver Flo. This band of misfits has trouble following them around and has a central mystery about the record company which put the band together. There are also other plot points that appear along the way but the main story arc is about Dinah and her relationship with her band. We get an insight into their lives and this is where this comic diverges from many other capes costumes hero comics, it's less about superpowers and more about the interaction between individuals, although a super sonic battle of the bands sees plenty of powers used too.
The art style overall is frenetic and chaotic but in the best possible way, and the story has me invested in this world. I look forward to the next collection.

The softcover collects issues #1-7 of the series, and a story from convergence blue beetle #2