The Rise of the Indies

I think it's fair to say that the last decade was defined by one kind of game (no, not FPS's) but something much bigger than that- Indie games!

Indie games are games often from a singular vision, without funding, without a publisher and without the big marketing and PR. These small curiosities are often a response to current gaming trends and maybe even reflect on the type of technology their makers were brought up with rather than current technology.  The result is a range of totally diverse games that appeals to all people. Not since the early 80's has there been such a boom time in game production, generations of developers who grew up with the technology and gaming now have access to make something themselves. The availability of resources and access to software has made the game making process more equitable.

At the moment indie gaming is where the talent pool is, it is this space that pushes boundaries and introduces us to new and innovative ways to look at game design. People may disagree with this but you only have to look at how hard Sony and Microsoft have been courting Indie developers to see how much the scene is regarded. As the current generation of computers has only just started there are few quality AAA titles, this is where Indie games have been picking up the slack. At this years E3 much of the excitement surrounded the Indie sphere, years ago this would have been unthinkable.

I have created a gallery below of some of the indie games of the last generation. I have played most but not all, but all of these come recommended by either me, Simon or our friends. Pick them up if you can as they offer an interesting break from the gaming norms.