Amazing Anamanaguchi Kick Up A Storm in Heaven 5/2/14

To say that I've been wanting to see Anamanaguchi for a while is a bit of an understatement. Ever since I became aware of them through the wonderful Scott Pilgrim vs the World game soundtrack they have been the hot band for me. No train strike was going to stop me from catching their one and only live London show, Under the Arches in Embankment.

                  Me with my ticket to the gig... I hadn't been to the venue before so was pretty excited to see what it was like.

Before the band came on we were treated to an amazing support set by Sabre Pulse, a one man Gameboy playing extraordinaire. He really got the crowd going with his uplifting ravey chiptunes, the most popular being a jungle remix of the first level Marioland theme.... The place erupted, much like when I saw Pendulum and The Prodigy... The crowd were suitably buzzing.

                                                   Sabrepulse got the room going with his mix of chiptune ravey tunes.

Due to the train strike Anamanaguchi came on earlier than planned, launching into their euphoric single Meow. The songs just kept on coming and a lively mosh pit started. They played for about an hour and played through most of the songs you'd expect.

                                                                 The light show was amazing, as you'd expect from the band!

I've been to many gig and this was definitely one of my favourites with a cool friendly crowd who made the band feel loved. The lead of the band, Peter Berkman thanked the crowd saying "Its Wednesday night and you guys are partying like its a summer weekend, we love you London".

It's times like this that I do truly love London, the folk here know good music and that's what the Anamanaguchi gig was... just very good music performed well!

I'll put up a full track listing later for you lovely people!