Walking Dead Computer Games Used To Teach Ethics in Norwegian School

In Nordahl Grieg School in Norway, the students are being taught ethics through the use of the popular game The Walking Dead.

Many gamers will recognise the title as it won many Game of the Year awards and was a smash hit across the app store, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Many educationalists, including me, have long believed that computer games have the potential to be used for educational purposes, in fact we've written several articles on this website saying and showing as much. It is great to see such a popular game getting such a positive response from the mass media, especially considering the blood and gore. I wonder how Fox News will react to this, considering it considers computer games the reason for many social ills?

The teacher who started the initiative was Tobias Staaby,  He says in the news clip below that in his Religious Studies group he hoped the game would engage his pupils and help spark discussion about morality and ethical choices;

The Walking Dead presents some dilemmas they (the pupils) would not have thought of otherwise. That makes their answers to a greater extent their own

I've put the news report below and for non-speakers of Norwegian, English subtitles can be enabled.