Retro Replay- by Anjum Razaq

As the children of the 80’s become the adults of the 21st century, they often yearn to revisit the halcyon experiences of their youths. Publishers are more than happy to oblige these reflective gamers- with re-releases, ports and mobile versions of these ‘classics’. The problem is that many of the experiences of our youths kind of sucked. Being young we didn’t see that but to revisit untouched ‘classics’ as an adult is often a dangerous thing. Nostalgia turns our rose-tinted memories into truths but when you revisit some games in the cold light of day, oh my are some of them bad.

Dragon's Lair on the NES- a gaming atrocity! 

Many game publishers have polished the games graphics and sound to make it more contemporary but still some of the mechanics of the game are flawed- Nostalgia is a dangerous thing. I have been playing a lot of old games over the last couple of years, from systems like the Megadrive (Genesis), Master System, SNES and NES and whilst some games are truly still amazing, many of the games are exercises in frustration and broken mechanics. Angry Video Game Nerd is an amazing youtuber who plays old computer games and even though he is very critical and swears frequently, his points are valid and with merit.

I have recently played 'Castle of Illusion' on the Megadrive and the recent update and no-matter the glossy sheen- the flaws of the original still persist in the remake. What are your opinions on the recent spate of remakes?