Are Computer Games Art?- by Anjum Razaq

The debate about whether computer games are art or not has been raging for years. To be honest I don't care either way but I wanted to share with you a couple of interesting videos which discuss the issue.

Art is about personal expression and lots of games do that. Perhaps not every game but saying that no games can be art is really narrow-minded in my opinion. You can get emotional experiences and that is what art is about, emotion. Interactive entertainment is content with potential to feed the soul.

The second video argues that computer games ARE art and gives a really detailed account of why it thinks so.

The gallery below has some screenshots taken from computer games and in my opinion they wouldn't look out of place in an art gallery... have a look at the videos and check out the Dead End Thrills website, I use this website to get the wallpaper for my laptop! What are your opinions? Are computer games art?