Explore Ancient Egypt in VR

As teachers and educators we like to immerse our children in topics to interest and excite them. With certain topics this is easy as we have to facilities and resources nearby to engage them, however with certain topics like history this can be difficult as the places we are discussing are often not within reach.

How would much more thrilling would it be to stand in the place we are learning about? We can't take our classes on an educational visit to Egypt for example when we are learning about the Pharaohs but what if we could take them there virtually. Well, with the power of Virtual Reality we can. I've already spoken about the potential of VR and it seems to now be building on this potential to change education.

There are many useful resources online which now allow your children to explore the ancient ruins and temples of the ancient Egyptians and most are free.

I will be introducing VR into my school within the next couple of weeks and creating Google VR packs for cheap so they can be ready for the arrival of this technology when it becomes widely available this year. As usual I will post here about any good pracise and share ideas I have come up with. In the meantime explore the links below and engage in the world of ancient Egypt!