Barclays Coding Playground

When you think of Barclays what do you think of? If it was fat cat bankers who ruined the worlds economy and got away with it then correct. But aside from that they do something for the community, apart from taking all our money or playing with foreign exchange markets illegally.

Barclays Coding Playground is a chance to attend coding sessions run by their experts. In their own words:

You rarely see it, but computer code runs our world. Everything from the website you’re reading to the traffic lights on our roads relies on the mysterious world of code. It’s even part of the national curriculum now, and learning what makes tech tick could give your kids a head start in the world of work.

Give them a helping hand by bringing them along to a coding session with our Digital Eagles – experts who’ll guide your children as they take on fun challenges that introduce them to the basics of coding.

Seems like a good opportunity for people to learn coding for free, it might just light the spark that children need. There are sessions across the country and simply by entering your postcode you can find the nearest session to you. Better than a kick in the teeth, or a overdraft fee of 30 quid!

Barclays Coding Playground