Explore Ancient Monuments With BBC Ancient Invisible Cities 360 Degree Videos

As teachers and educators we like to immerse our children in topics to interest and excite them. With certain topics this is easy as we have to facilities and resources nearby to engage them, however with topics like History this can be difficult as the places we are discussing are often not within reach or simply do not exist anymore.

How thrilling would it be to be able to move around and navigate the site or place we are learning about? I've already spoken about the potential of VR and it seems to now be building on this potential to change education, however this does have some cost implications, but a new show from the BBC brings The Great Pyramid, The Hagia Sophia and The Acropolis alive through the use of the latest laser scanning technology. Ancient Invisible Cities is a 3-part BBC show that looks at these historical sites and examines what they would have looked like in their prime. To go along with the series the BBC has created 3 360 degree explorable videos on YouTube where you can navigate around the monuments and learn much. You can use it on your phone, but more practically for the classroom, you can use it on your computer and interactive whiteboard. I've been fortunate enough to visit the locations in my life and even though this isn't the same it does offer a cheap and effective alternative.

Check out the videos below and see if they would add some extra oomph to your lessons!