Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons- by Anjum Razaq

I have recently finished a wonderful game on the Xbox 360 called 'Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons'. The game is a simple tale of siblings going on an epic journey to find the tree of life in order to save their ill father. Whilst a simple premise the game is wonderfully presented and I believe can be used as a stimulus for story writing in lessons. The game is quite dark in places  and not suitable for younger pupils but elements can be used to inspire children. I have linked to an excellent review by Retronauts alumnus Marty Sliva, writing for IGN who gives a detailed review of the game. I have linked to a full playthrough of the game so you can see which parts could be used in lessons. I would recommend you have a look and see for yourself. I hope to be using 'Brothers'  in my fiction story writing lessons soon! 

You meet a colourful array of characters along your journey.