Green Screen App Brings Finger Puppet Show Alive

'Green Screen' has been around for years, it's the effect that makes actors look like they're floating in space or fighting aliens. Most commonly it is used in weather reports where the presenter stands in front of a green screen and discusses the graphics that move on the screen. In the past 'Green Screen' has been expensive but with this ipad app by Do Ink for £1.99 it has never been easier or cheaper to enjoy this effect!

In my class we have been creating playscripts and the children performed the play using finger puppets. The background was put in after we filmed the performance, the children found a creative commons image on the internet and using the Chroma tool (matching the background to the green screen colour of the background) brought the story alive by giving it an appropriate setting. The effect is simple and with more time and care the results could be much more professional but for this performance the result is good enough for the children to share with their parents on the Fronter page.

I would recommend the Do Ink Green Screen app as I can see many uses for it in the future. The app added a whole new dimension for the children in my class in year 2 and encourages play.