Mysterious Cities of Gold Golden Condor Model For Sale

Anyone who knows me knows that the Mysterious Cities of Gold cartoon series is my favourite programme of ALL time and was a formative part of my childhood; single handedly creating my interest in anime, manga, South and Central American culture and synthesizer music (that's why I love Jarre, Vangelis and Oldfield).

I created this influence map 4 years ago and you can see that MCOG is featured very prominently.

I am super excited with the release of the MCOG Golden Condor by Metaltech. This model is 40 cm X 30 cm X 10 cm and comes with a cool stand so your model can soar through the beautiful blue sky (well it does on my head anyways). I like the fact that the model is pose-able and very detailed. 

I have a MCOG medallion and an original cel but the condor was that first moment of wonder I had, any piece of memorabilia associated with the condor is highly sought after (and incredibly rare). I have extremely powerful memories of the condors first flight, the point when the machine comes online for the first time and flies is etched in my memory. I've seen this episode more than any other (I watch the series annually) but I still get goosebumps when the music kick in (I've linked to this scene below, check it out it is an astonishing piece of animation).

I am hyper excited to get my Golden Condor model and whilst it is bad to wish time away October cannot come quick enough!

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