Jean Michel Jarre Back With Electronica Vol. 1

The new album from electronic music pioneer Jean Michel Jarre recently dropped and after an 8 year gap since this album has been eagerly awaited. The album, Electronica Vol 1, is a collaborative piece of work with various luminaries in the electronic music medium working with Jarre to create an album which is a celebration of electronic music in all its forms. The album features artists such as Vincent Clark (of Erasure fame), Armin Van Buurin, John Carpenter, Moby and Tangerine Dream; all amazing electronic music artists in their own right.

It's been a while but it has definitely been worth the wait!

Reading some of the reviews on Amazon a lot of Jarre fans have been down on the album saying that it doesn't have the 'Jarre sound' and that he's 'sold out', however they should understand the as a collaborative album; Jarre is working with different people and so his influence is there but not as prevalent as in his solo work. I like the album, especially the track with Little Boots 'If', 'Automatic parts 1 and 2' with Vincent Clark and 'Close Your Eyes' with Air. There are a couple of tracks that don't sit with me, like the ones with Pete Townshend and Laurie Anderson but maybe these are growers.
Overall, its no Oxygene (but then what is) however it's also no Teo and Tea and we can thank the Lord for that! Would I recommend it? Yes!  Now I'm excited to see who he works with for the follow-up album, fingers crossed for Burial, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis and Aphex Twin.