Twin Peaks Soundtrack Vinyl Re-release

I have a huge thing for anything Twin Peaks. The image of Laura Palmer's cold dead face left an impact I'll never be able to forget and Bob hiding at the foot of her bed left an impact I'll never be able to escape. And scoring all this was Angelo Badalamenti's score which changed everything.

Death Waltz Recordings is re-releasing the seminal soundtrack in vinyl on 180gm "damn fine coffee" colour vinyl with bespoke die cut outer jacket and director approved artwork. The set looks stunning and I'll be looking to purchase it when it becomes available on 9th September 2016.

I have fond memories of the music as I remember discovering the series in the late 90's whilst at university. I got the soundtrack CD from my local library and played the music in Peacocks, where I had a weekend job as a sales assistant which was paying for my university costs. As the music played I remember the whole mood changing- people started giving the staff weird looks but one guy said, "Kudos for putting on something different from the usual shop muzak".

Whilst I am eagerly awaiting the new series, which will start airing in early 2017, I will reminisce on the old series with this vinyl... alongside a cup of damn fine coffee and cherry pie!

LINK- Buy Twin Peaks Vinyl OST Online