Everybody's Gone To the Rapture Soundtrack on Vinyl

Last year I played Everybody's Gone To the Rapture and whilst I loved the first person exploration game I found the brooding atmosphere, layered storyline and central mystery came second to the amazing soundtrack. The soundtrack is hauntingly beautiful, which is no surprise as it comes from Jessica Curry, composer of Dear Esther and Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs. There are many video game soundtracks I've enjoyed over the years, but my enjoyment of them has been influenced often by my playing of the game, and even though I loved this game the music stands apart and is exceptional; it stands alone as a piece of work. Some of the scores are so deeply emotional that it breaks your heart to listen to it. The pieces are full of a whole spectrum of emotions; joy, love and profound sadness... sometimes in the space of just a few moments.

The standout tracks for me are All The Earth, The Sleep of Death, The Mourning Tree, A Choice, An Early Harvest, Aurora, The Pattern Calls Out, The End of All Things and I Am Not Afraid. These tracks are often slight variations on what has been played before but are part of a wonderful cohesive whole. I am not the most spiritual person but this album spoke to me on a profound and deep level and that surely is a sign of a beautiful album.

If you like classical music and renaissance English music then this is the album for you. Actually, if you just like good classical music then this album is for you!